Fagus sylvatica

The Fagus sylvatica (beech hedge) is an attractive hedge plant that does not lose many leaves, so a beech hedge is colourful even in winter.

At Boomkwekerijen CAM Poppelaars, we cultivate Fagus sylvatica in beds with three rows. This gives the plants plenty of room to grow and so they are well feathered.

The Fagus sylvatica is available from 15 to 225 centimetres or higher. There are various options:

  • Fagus sylvatica 1+0
    We lift the plant one year after sowing, so you can grow it on yourself.
  • Fagus sylvatica 1a1
    After the first year, we undercut the Fagus roots and then let it grow for another year.
  • Fagus sylvatica 1+2
    After the first year, we lift the plants, undercut the roots, sort and replant. We then allow the Fagus to grow for another two years.

We also supply Fagus sylvatica with a root ball.

In addition to the regular variety, we also offer Fagus sylvatica ‘Atropunicea’. You will find all the options in our comprehensive product list.

Characteristics Fagus sylvatica

Little loss of leaves

Available in different sizes