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Sowing / Planting

Some hedge plants are grown from cuttings, but usually, we start the cultivation process from seed. We do this with a sowing or planting machine fitted with a GPS sensor. Sowing and planting in straight lines allows us to control weeds much more efficiently.

We plant the seedlings with three rows on a bed so the plants have ample space to grow well. This solid basis yields well-feathered hedge plants.

Tending the plantS

The plants receive all the care they need. For this, we use a hoeing machine equipped with a camera. Mechanical weeding enables us to work very precisely, we remove all weeds to within two centimetres of the plants.

We value quality and reliable delivery


To ensure a consistent quality, we lift our plants mechanically. This leaves them with a neat root ball. Some of the hedge plants are then sold, the rest are graded, put in a cold store and replanted in early May to grow further.


Plant material is undercut to obtain good quality roots. The plant material is also pruned laterally. This yields dense starting material, ready for further cultivation.

Deliverable plants are pruned cylindrically to obtain a compact hedge plant. Cutting around the roots in a circular manner creates a good root ball.

Delivery agreements differ per customer. We try to be flexible and we take our client’s requirements into consideration. Ask about the options. 

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